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Mental Health Therapy and Counseling Services for adults in Cleveland Ohio

You might be thinking…I don’t REALLY need counseling. Things aren’t that bad. I’m fine, right?

Chances are you’ve told yourself that many times before.

After all, you’re a functioning human being. You show up to work, pay your bills on time, you meet your basic needs.

And so you keep pushing on, because its the only way you’ve ever known.

But there’s another part of you that knows this is not the life you want. THIS can’t be all that there is for you.

And in you’re truly honest moments, you feel so f*cking lost and confused.

The reality is, you’re constantly bogged down with worries and fears, or you feel inexplicably unmotivated and sad, most of the time. Your patience for your loved ones is wearing thin, and you can’t recall the last time you felt joy. In a way it feels like you’re barely holding on. You just cant catch a break.

Anxiety and depression have a way of making us feel so alone. They can rob us of our confidence and sense of calm.

Maybe you find yourself wondering “Am I the only one that can’t keep up?” “Why do I seem to struggle more than everyone else?” “Am I broken?” “What’s wrong with me?”

I’ve been where you are and, I’m glad you’re here. Therapy can help.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or the lasting effects of trauma, there are better days ahead for you.

I want you to know that the voice that tells you your life can be so much more, it’s on to something.

I work with clients to cut through the fog and regain control of their lives; Lives they are excited about and proud to call their own. Time and again I’ve had the pleasure of seeing those gripped by their struggles, work through their pain to create fulfilling lives. If you’re ready to get over anxiety, beat your depression, or just need coaching through a difficult life transition, contact me today to take the first step.