You might be thinking…I dont REALLY need counseling. Things arn’t that bad. Im fine, right?

Chances are, you’ve told yourself that many times before.

After all, you’re a functioning human being. You show up to work, pay your bills on time, you meet your basic needs.

And so you keep pushing on, because it’s the only way you’ve ever known.

But there’s another part of you that knows this is not the life you want.  THIS cant be all that there is for you.

And in your truly honest moments, you feel so f*ckin lost and confused. Your patience is wearing thin, and you keep dreaming of that long vacation in a tropical place to get away from it all. In a way it feels like you’re barely holding on. You just cant catch break.

Then the doubt starts to creep in.  Am I the only one that cant keep up? This is all too much. You don’t really remember when life began feeling like a constant chore, but each day you wake up “its this again…”

I’ve been where you are, and I’m glad you’re here.

whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or the lasting effects of trauma, I can help.

I want you to know that that voice that says your life can be more, its on to something.

I work with clients to cut through the fog and regain control of their lives. Lives they are excited about and proud to call their own. Time and again I’ve had the pleasure of seeing those gripped by their struggles, work through their pain to create fulfilling lives. If you’re ready to stop struggling and to start living, contact me to take the first step.

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